PeersNet offers social networking and collaboration toolkits for business to build and manage their own branded online community around their product, solution and services. Although these toolkits can be used for any business or special interest group, PeersNet focuses on following solutions areas :-

PeersNet launch pad solution offers a platform for businesses to accelerate and efficiently execute the go to market strategy for their product, solution or services. Using the launch pad tools and services, businesses can reach out a much broader customer base to raise awareness about their offering. The solution enables improved identification, acquisition and retention of profitable customers while reducing sales and marketing cycles.

PeersNet social shopping solution helps businesses provide interactive online shopping experience to their customers allowing them to share and leverage from the shopping experience and expertise of their friends, family, trusted peers and subject matter experts. Easy-to-use tools allow businesses to set-up ways to accept payments, manage the inventory of the products they sell, optimize the online product listing for search engines.

In order to remain competitive and profitable, businesses need to have customer focused strategy and an execution model to deliver on the strategy. PeersNet customer experience management solution helps businesses feel customer pulse constantly. This allows businesses to deliver products, solutions and services that meets customer expectations and adapts to the changing behavior to remain competitive and profitable.

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