PeersNet Social Shopping Solution

For most small businesses, competing on the Web is hardly easier than competing offline, where gigantic retailers with huge marketing budgets dominate.[ NY Time article ]. However, recent success of specialized social shopping websites indicates that at businesses may consider adopting similar technology and strategy to stretch their marketing dollars and raise awareness generate leads and boost sales of their product, solution or services.

Social shopping is a method of e-commerce and of traditional shopping in which consumers communicate and aggregate information about products, prices, and deals and benefit from the experience and wisdom of their personal and professional network.
PeersNet social shopping solution helps businesses provide interactive online shopping experience to their customers allowing them to share and leverage from the shopping experience and expertise of their friends, family, trusted peers and subject matter experts.

PeersNet offers complete feature-set for businesses to build and manage online shopping website. Easy-to-use tools allow businesses to set-up ways to accept payments, manage the inventory of the products they sell, optimize the online product listing for search engines.

Reach out to large number of potential customers for your newly introduced product.
Identify target customers and segments.
Collect payment securely, manage inventory easily and create useful reports
Convert visitors on your online shopping site to the buyers.
Get direct feedback and valuable analytics about your product
Provide interactive information about your product and enable self service by your customers
Develop and implement social media based marketing strategy
Build fully-featured online shopping website and manage with interactive tools, analytics dashboard and lot more.
Email campaign to a very large number of opt-in subscribers (specific verticals), product experts, agencies, bloggers etc.
Gather analytics, demographics, trend information from the web site and email campaigns
Campaign management service to ensure an effective campaign and engaged customers
Integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to create the social media buzz
Rating, reviewing, commenting and sharing of the content to help create the viral effect

Customers can write a review, rate a product, create a wish list and share the review, rating or their wish lists with their existing private or professional network via email or at social and business networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. This helps consumers of the social shopping sites to get best value for the money they spend on online shopping leveraging the wisdom of the crowd.

Businesses benefit from the broader reach out to targeted customers and minimize their investment in the marketing activities for raising awareness and lead generation. Social shopping sites may generate revenue not only frot value for the money they spend on online shopping leveraging the wisdom of the crowd.

PeersNet social shopping solution a robust web services platform to quickly (within hours ) set up a online shopping site or supplement existing online shopping site with interactive tools to help businesses stretch their marketing dollars required to raise awareness, generate leads and boost sales of their product, solution or services. By using the easy-to-use tools, businesses can worry less about managing the online shopping site and spend more time on providing more value to their customers and profitable selling.

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