In order to remain competitive and profitable, businesses need to have customer focused strategy and an execution model to deliver on the strategy. Businesses need to understand what motivates customers and demonstrate how their offerings provide higher value to their customers than what the competitors provide. Successful businesses focus on delivering products, solutions and services that meets the expectations of their most values customers and target customer segments.

Customer acquisition strategies are important, but, customer retention strategies are even more important. Understanding customer needs and their real-time feedback is key to customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers usually return and buy more and they tell other people about their experiences. Studies suggest that the cost of retaining a customer is fraction of acquiring a new one. Therefore, when a business acquires a customer, it should make every effort to retain the customer.

PeersNet customer experience management solution helps businesses feel their customer's pulse constantly. This allows businesses to deliver products, solutions and services that meets the expectations of their most valued customers and target customer segments and adapt to the changing behavior to remain competitive and profitable. Customers today have access to multiple alternatives for products, solution or services. Businesses need to manage customer experience to boost their loyalty.

Due to the increase in the complexity of products and services, customers require more and more support from businesses. By setting up a high quality online support system, businesses can provide the support system customers need. However, this online support system can be expensive.

Using the PeersNet's easy-to-use community tools, for example, discussion forums, blogs, events, polls, photo, video and the rating /reviewing system, businesses can nurture an online support system where a customer helps and shares best practices with other customers.

     How to constantly monitor customer behavior, response to any        product, solution or service?

     Rapid application deployment has business benefits, but, they impact        online experiences. How to track the ongoing customer satisfaction?

     How to get early indication of a "not so happy customer",so that action        can be taken before they turn unhappy and stop their business?

     How to get direct feedback and valuable analytics about your product ?

     How to provide interactive information about your product and enable        self service by your customers?

     How do I incent my customers for their loyalty?
     Build fully-featured online community around your product solution or        service.

     Interactive tools like blogs, polls, surveys, forums, messages, rating of        postings, email campaigns etc. allows businesses to keep track of        customer pulse.

     Provide analytics, demographics and trend information from the community        site and email campaigns, so that action can be taken in real time.

     Campaign management service to ensure an effective campaign and        engaged customers.

     Integration with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to reach out to extended        customer network.

PeersNet offers a robust web services platform to quickly (within hours) set up an online community web-site around a product, service or solutions. By using the easy-to-use tools, businesses can focus more on delivering their products and services that meets their customer needs and adapt to the changing customer behavior to remain competitive and profitable.
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