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PeersNet provides web services infrastructure for businesses to create and manage online communities of customers and users of their products, services and solution. Using the "easy to use" and customizable tools, a business can build online communities that will allow their customers to interact with other customers and the business to share ideas or best practices, collaborate, and provide feedback on product or services round the clock.

PeersNet's rich features includes blogs, polls, survey, discussion groups, story or bookmark sharing, file sharing, online event management, chat, online and offline messaging, profile pages, targeted advertising and customizable reports on community and user activities.

PeersNet, an online network of peers, empowers the community members ( peers ) to exchange information about their with trusted peers by providing:

  • An online platform where peers exchange information using easy-to-use interactive tools about their interests, projects, best practices etc.
  • Guided search for highly relevant information based on the information shared by the peers in the community.
  • Infrastructure for sharing feedback on the relevance of information provided by peers and businesses.
  • Personalized preferences and access control on “who and what” they want to share to and receive information from in the community.
  • Peers can get an overview and highly relevant information about the communities of their interest at their dashboard without a deep dive in their communities.
PeersNet, a trusted network of peers, helps businesses by:
  • Providing an avenue to reach a broad group of users of their products and services based on their behavior, locale and requirements
  • Empowering them to develop online support community around their business.
  • Providing analytics and highly customized reports on community members usage of the community.

Although, PeersNet tools are easy to use and do not require additional help to integrate with existing web sites, PeersNet can provide services for sophisticated customization and integration with existing websites.

To learn more about PeersNet and how you can create an online community of your customers, partners or members of any special interest groups, please Contact us.

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